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Web Access Management System

The Web Access Management System (WAMS) is a user ID system managed by the State of Wisconsin. DPI uses WAMS IDs as the login for Educator Licensing Online (ELO). You need to create a WAMS Account in order to access ELO.

If you already have a WAMS ID that you use for other purposes (state healthcare, state campground reservations, etc.) you may use your existing WAMS ID to login to ELO.

You will continue to use that same WAMS User ID and password every time you login to ELO, so it is important that you keep your account information in a safe, accessible location. It is recommended that applicants use a personal email address when creating their WAMS ID. Using a school email address may make you unable to access your WAMS account if you move to a new district and lose your school email.

Once you have created a WAMS ID and password you will use that ID to login to ELO and Onboard your license information. 

You can either create a WAMS account or recover your WAMS account by selecting a button below. 



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