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Self-Screen for Eligibility

NOTE: Teachers and Administrators who hold a valid license in another state and have one year of experience under that license can apply directly for a Wisconsin license and do not need to meet the requirements below (

The information on this page pertains to applicants who completed educator preparation programs for teachers, pupil services, and/or administrators at a college or university headquartered outside the state of Wisconsin, including online colleges or universities and out-of-country (non-U.S.) colleges/universities.

Note: Educators who live outside of Wisconsin but completed a Wisconsin educator preparation program are considered in-state applicants.

Self-Screen for Eligibility

To become licensed in Wisconsin, an out-of-state applicant must verify completion of the following:

  1. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Please refer to our Accreditation page for information about accreditation agencies and a link to check the accreditation of your college or university.
  2. A state-approved educator preparation program that is:
    1. offered through an accredited four-year college or university;
    2. offered at the bachelor’s, post-baccalaureate, or master’s degree level for teaching;
    3. offered at the master’s, education specialist, or doctorate level for pupil services or administrator licensure;
    4. comparable to Wisconsin in its requirements for licensure based on Wisconsin Administrative Code PI 34;
    5. resulting in a license that exists in Wisconsin;
    6. approved by the state education department where the approved program is headquartered.
  3. Testing Requirements - The following testing requirements apply to all out-of-state applicants, including those prepared through online colleges or universities, as well as all non-U.S. colleges/universities:
    1. Pass all tests required for licensure in the state where the educator preparation program is headquartered and be eligible for licensure in the state where their educator preparation program is headquartered (actual licensure is not required).
    2. A content test taken for initial licensure in another state may be used in place of Wisconsin's content tests for the out-of-state application. If an applicant has not taken a content test for initial licensure in another state, in lieu of Wisconsin's content exam, a GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale in the subject area or position of the licensure program may be substituted.
    3. If an applicant does not have the GPA or that state does not have a content test you may be required to take a content test for Wisconsin. For information regarding content testing visit Wisconsin Testing Requirements
    4. Effective January 31, 2014, applicants for initial licensure in Wisconsin as an elementary teacher (grades K-5, EC, EC-MC, MC-EA), a special education teacher, a reading teacher, or reading specialist must receive a passing score on the Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Test (FORT). For more information see the National Evaluation Series website.
    5. All testing requirements must be met before applying for a license.

Note: The following educators are NOT eligible to apply through the Out-of-State Pathway. They may be eligible to apply through one of the Out-of-State Alternative Routes:

  • completed an alternative route program outside of Wisconsin
  • received licensure directly from another state's education agency via a certificate program or equivalency process
  • received licensure through a two-year institution outside of Wisconsin
  • received licensure through another process outside of Wisconsin (e.g., passing a content examination)

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