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School District/Licensing Phone Call

School District/Licensing Phone Call

This page contains an archive of the phone calls the Licensing, Educator Advancement and Development (LEAD) Team had every month covering various licensing topics and issues. Sessions included a brief presentation on a specific topic, with the opportunity for participants to ask questions. All sessions were recorded and are made available below.

Archived Presentations

Date Summary of presentation Power Point Recording
4/6/2021 Updates to district requested licensing forms and common errors on forms. View View
3/2/2021 Licensing for School Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) - discuss pathways to licensure for the SLP including in-state and out-of-state options and the one-year license with stipulations. View View
2/2/2021 WISEStaff Reports - discussions about the WISEStaff report, potential licensing error messages and options for resolving View View
1/5/2021 Out-of-state pathway - discussions about the various pathway options, potential outcomes, and next steps View View
12/1/2020 New ELO login and Emergency Rule 2043 - discussions about the new login interface and licensing flexibilities allowed under the emergency rule for 2020-2021 View View
11/3/2020 DPI fingerprinting - discussions about fingerprinting requirements, fingerprinting questions, and scenarios View View
10/6/2020 Three-year license with stipulations - discussions about the three-year license with stipulations (LWS3) pathway, eligibility, the newly created handbook, and examples of items to include in the portfolio. View View
9/9/2020 All things lifetime license - discussions about how to obtain and maintain a lifetime license and tips on determining when someone is required to submit a background check application. View View
9/2/2020 Licensing scenarios - review four typical licensing scenarios with discussion for licensing options and pathway to licensure options. View View
8/26/2020 Licensing forms - review of four forms required for various applications with discussions around typical errors that are seen on these forms. View View
8/19/2020 Discussion regarding impacts of COVID 19 and the licensing response View View
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