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A Conversation with White People on Race

Monday, October 8, 2018


Blair Foster and Michèle Stephenson created an Op-Doc for the New York Times to address the question, “Why do so many white people find it extremely uncomfortable to talk about race?”, exploring the possibility that white people “think about race through the superficial lens of thinking about other people, instead of themselves” (Foster & Stephenson, 7/1/15 for New York Times).

This equity mini-challenge asks you to view the Op-Doc and consider how it applies to you as an individual, as well as how it applies to your work in schools.

Connection to Wisconsin’s Model for Culturally Responsive Practices: Viewing and reflecting on or discussing this video increases self-awareness about race (part of building the will and desire to lead.) It can also increase our cultural knowledge by supporting us in understanding that we all have unique identities and world views.

Access the challenge in Google Drive or as a PDF. Discuss the challenge with other coaches in the Google+ Community.

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