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LESRA Framework: Summarize

Summarize: Tying all the Math Together

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"Summarize" in the Classroom

The main teaching occurs during the 'summarize' component of the LESRA Framework.  Convene the group of students to make mathematical connections and to explain their solutions, selecting a range and variety of solutions. Use probing questions to press students to articulate and reveal their thinking, so that you can guide them through misconceptions and to the big mathematical ideas that are the intended focus of the task.

Quick Summarizing Strategies to Use in the Classroom

  • This document provides a summary and description of the classroom strategies to use during the 'summarize' phase of the LESRA Instructional Framework 

Video examples of "summarize" in the classroom


Learning from Mistakes

What do students learn from collaboratively viewing student work samples?


Analyzing Patterns 

How do students use structure in order to make conjectures?

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