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Standards for Mathematical Practice

Overview of the Standards for Mathematical Practice

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The Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMPs) are central to the teaching and learning of mathematics. These practices describe the behaviors and habits of mind that are exhibited by students who are mathematically proficient. The practices describe the variety of expertise that mathematics educators should seek to develop in their students. 

Video on the SMPs

Presentation on the History of the SMPs​

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SMP Professional Learning Module Outline

These professional learning resources are divided into four modules to provide a meaningful examination of using the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP). 

The goals of each module it to:

  • Providing an understanding of the  Standards for Mathematical Practice

  • Identify characteristics of students that are proficient in the SMPs

  • Develop learning opportunities for students

  • Understand the role of the teacher in implementing SMPs into their instruction​

Each module contains the following materials:

  • A Google Slides Presentation

    • The presentations include detailed notes for a general and facilitator audience

    • The SMP module user guide contains information on how to access notes, modify the slides, and alternative files for use (PDF and/or PPT).

  • A handout packet
  • Additional resources to supplement videos within the presentations
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