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Unpacking and Repacking Standards 


This resource presents a process for examining a cluster or group of standards to plan, implement, and reflect on standards-based instruction and assessment that ensures equity by eliminating barriers to learning. The process is designed to be used several times, internalized, and applied to future planning. 

Outcomes of engaging in this process include:

  • Deeper understanding of content standards
  • Designing a plan for instruction
  • Designing a plan for assessments
  • Selection of materials to meet or exceed standards
  • Identifying areas for professional learning and growth

This process is best completed in a collaborative team.

View the process by clicking on the hyperlink of the draft Google presentation.


Supplementary resources include:

Click on the hyperlink to access the unpack/repack  process template

Click on the hyperlink to access the cross-pollination analysis tool

Click on the hyperlink for examples for English language arts

Click on the hyperlink for examples for mathematics

Click on the hyperlink for vertical alignment of English language arts standards

Other supporting documents:

Click on the hyperlink for information and examples of behavioral demands

For questions about this information, contact Mary Mooney (608) 266-9368, Julie Bormett (608) 266-7921