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Migrant Education Resources

Instructional Services for Out-of-School and Secondary Youth (iSOSY)
This site offers access to an abundance of educational resources, tools, and guides.

Preschool Initiative Clearinghouse
Tools and resources to improve the school readiness of migrant preschool children and to strengthen parent engagement in early learning.

PASS (Portable Assisted Study Sequence)
This credit accrual program for secondary students can be purchased through CESA 8.

Migrant Literacy Net
Online reading curriculum for migratory students.

Florida Migrant Education Program
State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR)
Texas Migrant Interstate Program (TMIP)
Video: The Migrant Education Program (from Colorín Colorado)

Partner Agencies
Agencies statewide are committed to helping migrant farmworker families.

     Interview with Javier Acevedo, UMOS Anti-Human Trafficking
Department of Workforce Development: Services for Migrant Seasonal Farmworkers
Legal Action of Wisconsin
     Interview with Mariah Hennen, Legal Action of Wisconsin
Family Health La Clinica
     Interview with Zina Soltis, Family Health La Clinica
HEP/Madison College
     Interview with Kevin Foley, HEP Program

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