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Marketing Education ListServ

The Department of Public Instruction maintains a list serv as a forum for marketing educators to post and receive information regarding curriculum, promotion, and programs.

Subscribe to the Marketing Education List Serv

Email address:

Within a few minutes of submitting the above information you will get an email from the Lyris List Manager with the subject, "Your confirmation is needed." Click on the subscription Web address in the email to confirm your subscription.

After confirming your subscription, you may send correspondence to the List Serv by addressing email to Note: If you reply to a marketing email, your reply will go to the sender of the message, not the entire list. If you select "Reply To All" then your reply will be sent to both the sender and the entire list membership.

To search the Marketing List Serv select "Search" tab to type in your keyword search.

To view or change settings, you can log-in via the above link and select the "My Account" tab. For example, you may choose to receive List Serv correspondence individually when submitted or via summary in the digest mode.

Unsubscribe from the Marketing List Serv

You will receive an email asking you to confirm your request. This can be done by simply replying to the email as instructed.