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Reading Informational Text in Grade 8 ELA

Monday, March 14, 2016

book iconReading Informational Text in Grade 8 ELA

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using different mediums to present a particular topic or idea, Reading Informational Text, standard 7, grade 8 (RI8.7).

Why? Sharing the same information in different ways can make that information easier to understand, especially for different audiences.

How? Present information on the same topic using two different types of text. Ask students to reflect on which was easier to understand and why? Ask them to reflect on what this means for them when they share information with others.

What? Different mediums refers to different types of text. In Wisconsin, we define text as any communication involving language and carrying meaning. That means that music is a text; a graph is a text; a video clip is a text; and a piece of writing is a text (among others).


Start by identifying texts on a single topic like this video text from Ted Talks about hidden bias and this written text with information on hidden bias from Teaching Tolerance 
Watch Patrick Rothfuss choose evidence in different mediums to support his claim in this Wisconsin Writes video | See how you can help students understand how to make a claim and use evidence to support it in this Teaching Channel video.
Give students a tool like this inquiry chart to gather info from different sources on same topic 
Where do you find nontraditional texts? Try Wikimedia Commons ,Ted Talks ,or podcasts
Give students a tool like Column Notes to gather info from sources.