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Addressing the Digital Equity Gap

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

With Digital Equity Outreach Month well underway, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction encourages districts to assemble a team, create a plan, and connect with families to understand home digital access needs and collect Digital Equity Gap Data. Feel free to share outreach activities and check out great success stories from other schools.

As a reminder, the Digital Equity Gap Data can be used to:

  1. Ensure schools are able to track and support the needs of every student
  2. Identify possible Internet providers that can serve a student location
  3. Provide local community partners with critical data needed when submitting broadband grant applications
  4. Advocate for more broadband investments in the local community
  5. Fulfill any state or federal reporting requirements which may arise with CARES Act funding

To meet the objectives of pinpointing areas of Wisconsin with digital equity gaps, it is critical that districts configure their student information system (SIS) tools to transmit the digital equity indicators and student addresses to WISEdata. When local digital equity data is sent through WISEdata, schools are able to view it in a new WISEdash (For Districts) Digital Equity Dashboard.

This data can be sent as soon as schools are ready and enable the data flow – no need to wait until the December snapshot. Please contact your local SIS provider or Rachel Schemelin at, (608)266-5190 with any questions.

Subscriber Submission: DPI Director of Instructional Technology Services, Annette Smith; DPI E-Rate and Broadband Consultant, Rachel Schemelin; State Engagement Director, EducationSuperHighway, Grace Ting