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Appleton Student Creates Game to Prevent Financial Abuse in Students with Disabilities

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Appleton North High School student, Paige Givens, was recently recognized for creating a financial literacy game designed specifically for children and teens with disabilities.

She created the game, “SuperConsumers” as a project through her school’s DECA club, which is a high school marketing education program that includes classroom and work-based learning experiences. With help from the student marketing team, Givens has garnered some public exposure.

Givens was featured on both television and online news outlets, sharing the background and purpose of the game that focuses on financial literacy skills and safety awareness.

She created the game after a friend with an intellectual disability was financially exploited by some people during a shopping trip. Her sister has the same syndrome as her friend, which prompted Givens to design the game.

She has presented the game to several different classes and schools and hopes to further promote the game to spread awareness about safety and financial literacy.