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15 Public School Districts Will Combat ‘Summer Melt’ with Support from Great Lakes

Fifteen public school districts across Wisconsin have received a combined $630,000 in grants from Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation & Affil...

Themed Issue: State of Education and Teacher Voices

On Thursday, September 20th, Dr. Tony Evers gave his 10th State of Education Address in the Wisconsin State Capitol. Priorities remained on students,...

Keka͞ehkenohamowōnaw (We all teach): Benjamin Grignon

Neta͞esehcekanenaw (Our way of doing things; Our culture) Within the Menominee culture, the young are expected to take care of our elders, which can...

Realistic Portrayals of the Community: Elizabeth Gulden

As I settled into my classroom rocking chair with twenty eager and wide-eyed kindergarten students looking up at me, time and time again I began, “Onc...

Equity-Beyond Equality: Maggie McHugh

Who am I to talk about equity? I’m a white girl from Wisconsin. I grew up in a middle-class home where my father read me books every night and my mot...

All students All of the Time: Michael Wilson

Throughout my years in education, I have seen a strong transformation from what used to be a cookie-cutter approach with students to more individualiz...

Removing Barriers to Equity: Sarahí Monterrey

I’ll never forget the day in second grade when I was taking a test where the task was to put a series of sentences in chronological order. The questio...

STEAMing Ahead with New Standards at OMS

Recognized in 2018 as a U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School, the staff at Oregon Middle School (OMS) continue to work toward the award’s...

Supporting LGBTQ Youth in Wausau

Sixth-grade health teacher and lead secondary health educator Patty Zemke has always been aware of the diverse student populations in the Wausau Schoo...

REL Midwest: Supporting Black Students' Excellence

The Department of Public Instruction and Regional Educational Laboratory Midwest (REL Midwest) brought together education researchers, policy-makers,...