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Back to School Message

Monday, August 21, 2017

Welcome back to school!

As we prepare for a new school year, let’s celebrate public schools and all they do for our kids. It took a great effort on the part of past generations to give us the gift of a solid education system. Now, we must take that legacy to next level and make sure that every student in Wisconsin truly receives the benefit that’s intended from a public education.

The department is committed to providing a blueprint on how we can move the state forward in supporting and improving our public schools. Our agenda will continue to focus on keeping our kids healthy, safe, encouraged, and engaged in their learning, helping educators feel empowered to teach, and providing the proper funds to ensure that all districts can thrive.

If you’re a teacher, thank you for being right where we need you - supporting our students and school. We have a ways to go, but together, we can work towards a brighter tomorrow for all our kids.

We hope you enjoy the excitement this time of year brings and have a safe and successful school year.

For more information on our goals to move education forward in Wisconsin visit