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Celebrating the Arts in Wisconsin Schools

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Every March, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction celebrates the importance of quality arts programs for students. Art and music are defined as core subjects in Wisconsin’s definition of a well-rounded education, and join both dance and theatre in the definition of a well-rounded education in the Every Student Succeeds Act. This month, take the time to think about how the arts support young dancers, musicians, actors, artists, and artistic technicians in Wisconsin schools.

This year, State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor issued four proclamations to share with schools and around the state in honor of arts education:

Youth Art Month

Music in Our Schools Month

Theatre in Our Schools

Dance in Your Schools

Schools across Wisconsin and the nation schedule events to showcase student work and often provide social media news. You can learn more about specific school events and activities through several organizations including:

Council for Art Education

National Association for Music Education

Educational Theatre Association

Advancing Dance Education in the Arts

For continued learning, consider attending an upcoming Arts Ed PD session.

Thank you to all who work in arts education.

Subscriber Submission: DPI Arts and Creativity Education Consultant, Julie Palkowski