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Classroom set up tips for Teachers

Friday, August 18, 2017

Justin Minkel, a 17-year veteran teacher, writes about his anxieties of back to school season. In the EdWeek article, Justin opens by saying, “Every year I have the same dreaded dream: I thought I had another week before the kids come, and then they unexpectedly show up. I’m unloading cardboard boxes and wiping the grime from stacked desks, wearing a T-shirt and shorts, when 25 seven-year-olds march in with their bright backpacks and shy smiles, ready for their first day of 2nd grade. I experience pure terror. Barbarians at the gate!”

In an effort to help ease his fellow colleagues’ fears of the start of the school year, he shares four things that he tries to visualize to get his classroom just right. To read his tips and learn more, please visit