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Districts Urged to be Prepared for Possible Spread of Coronavirus, Influenza

Tuesday, March 3, 2020
Following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction continues its communication with educators across the state in relation to the likely spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).
On Feb. 26, the DPI sent a message to district administrators encouraging school districts to update pandemic plans and reminding them of the numerous resources available.
Those resources include:
As it stands, the coronavirus is not currently spreading in Wisconsin, but it is important to be prepared. To that end, the DPI continues its close contact with the DHS and the CDC, and it will continuously update its website with the latest information and guidance. Click here for the DPI’s coronavirus webpage.
The DPI has also received a number of inquiries from educators regarding an outbreak of influenza in Wisconsin schools. The highly-contagious infection is prevalent around this time of the year, and it has unfortunately led to the closure of schools in at least one district thus far.
Similar to preventing the spread of coronavirus, the DPI also offers various resources to those seeking more information on steps to take to prevent the spread of influenza, and how to plan if an outbreak occurs in your district. For more information and resources, visit the DPI’s pandemic planning tools webpage, and the DHS’s flu prevention website.