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DWD Offers New Resources for Teens Joining the Workforce

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development has created a new resource for Wisconsin teens entering the workforce – the Welcome to the Workforce video library.

The Welcome to the Workforce videos feature teens discussing topics ranging from youth apprenticeship and working with a disability, to workplace safety and what to do if harassed on the job. The videos are modeled after the Equal Rights Division’s popular 60-second videos and are tailored for high school audiences.

The library currently consists of 12 videos. Each video takes place in a library setting and opens with a question displayed across the screen. A student then answers the question as if speaking to a classmate. The videos are designed to be friendly and digestible and offer the most pertinent information about students entering the workforce – all in about a minute.

The Welcome to the Workforce library is available on the DWD's YouTube channel. The DWD will also distribute the video library to high schools and community programs around the state that work with teens and their families. The library will continue to grow as additional topics get added.

Questions about teens and employment may be sent to For more information visit the DWD’s website.

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