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Fostering Joy and Engagement through Summer Learning

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Summer Learning website is available to support schools continuing to provide learning opportunities for students while caring for their physical, social, and emotional needs. School systems should determine the needs of their students and design an approach that eliminates barriers for students to access summer learning. Summer learning programming should address academic, social, and emotional wellbeing while creating opportunities to foster joy and engagement.

The DPI Summer Learning website is organized by the following topics, with guiding questions, resources, and DPI contact information for each:

  • Removing Systemic Barriers- examine and address barriers for students who have been most impacted by the pandemic, consider funding sources, and establish working groups to address planning and communication needs.

  • Planning for Specific Student Populations- examine specific needs for all students, including early learners, multilingual learners, students with disabilities, and students with gifts and talents.

  • Delivery Model and Staffing- follow local and school district guidance and policy to determine how to deliver instruction and appropriate licensing of teachers for eligible courses.

  • Scheduling- explore scheduling scenarios and examples.

  • Programming- address social and emotional learning, curriculum planning, expanded learning opportunities with considerations for attendance, assessments, and grading.

  • Family Engagement- support families with family guides outlining grade-level expectations.

Content within each topic can be used to continue planning or evaluation of summer learning plans. Visit the Wisconsin DPI Summer Learning website for more information.