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Keeping Kids Safe Online Doesn’t End in October

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

With another successful “Keeping Kids Safe Online” month in Wisconsin, there is a heightened focus on the need for resources, information, and planning to support online safety in schools and at home. October promotes awareness about integrating learning experiences and online safety and encourages parents and guardians to be involved. This year, the DPI is also diving deeper into the connection with Social and Emotional Learning and how ensuring students and staff are healthy (mentally and physically) will positively affect their digital lives.

As October comes to a close, everyone must safeguard the integration of online safety in schools and homes, particularly now, as so many rely on digital tools to support and extend learning experiences. Schools can create a community of learning where we rely on each other to model and practice safe and healthy online behaviors.

Here are just a few ideas for “Keeping Kids Safe Online” all year:

  • Educators can integrate resources into learning experiences and model positive behaviors.

    • Use the current election to navigate social media, news, and election advertisements to talk about bias and how to find credible sources.

  • Administrators can provide professional learning opportunities for teachers to demonstrate resources and tools that can be used for teaching.

    • Leverage the KKSO Lesson Planning Matrix to create a monthly safety theme (based on the weekly options) and to call out specific resources to use in lessons.

  • Parents and guardians can use family engagement ideas to talk with kids about safe online choices and create a family media plan together.

    • Invite parents to participate in the family engagement modules (available in English and in Spanish) for a “virtual” family engagement night or through a school newsletter which highlights the importance of having conversations and creating a family media plan.

No matter what you do or how you do it, online safety doesn’t stop at the end of October. Find ways to leverage these resources to continue to create safe and engaging learning experiences for all stakeholders.

Subscriber Submission: DPI Digital Learning Consultant, Chad Kliefoth