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Licensing Updates

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The latest licensing updates are regularly posted on The Department of Public Instruction licensing website. The most recent updates regarding lifetime license applications for provisional license holders and changes to eligibility and renewal requirements for educational interpreters are briefly outlined below.

Lifetime License Application for Provisional License Holders

After successfully completing six semesters of teaching and meeting the statutory requirements, educators holding a provisional license can access the application for a lifetime license. The six semesters of experience must be within the licensing area working directly with students or working in administration in a PK-12 setting. The experience must be completed within five years preceding the start date of a lifetime license.

Educational Interpreter Requirement Changes

Several changes have been made for eligibility and renewal requirements for educational interpreters. Program coursework, a passing score on the written and educational interpreter performance assessment, and alternative eligibility information are provided on the Educational Interpreter Licensure Requirement page. For interpreters renewing a license after June 30, 2019, the new renewal requirements are outlined on the Educational Interpreter License Renewal page.

Finally, the department created a summary document that outlines the tiered licensing system for teachers, pupil services, and administrators. The document provides brief descriptions of each tier, license types, and requirements for maintaining licensure.

For more information, and to stay up-to-date with all things licensing-related, visit the Teacher Education, Professional Development, and Licensing page.