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Little Chute Career Pathways Academy

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

student working at manufacturing machine

When you ask Janelle Fisher, Little Chute High School student and SkillsUSA Wisconsin District 3 Vice President, to reflect on her experience in manufacturing classes, she beams about taking control of her own learning. “I love being able to take Project Lead the Way classes that are focused on engineering,” Janelle told us. “I know that not only will I be learning important information, but also that I will have the potential to earn college credit at the end of the course.”

At the Little Chute Career Pathways Academy, it’s all about about exposure and experiences. Students are exposed to a multitude of potential manufacturing careers, business partners, curriculum, manufacturing courses, and SkillsUSA. SkillsUSA ties everything together and provides students a common goal.

Career pathways connect students to industry partners. Teachers are aware of student goals and are able to support them through course selection and connections to the field. That allows students who are a part of a pathway to gain valuable exposure to careers and skills that others may not see.

The Little Chute Careers Pathways Academy attributes much of its success to the addition of the SkillsUSA chapter. Jon Larson, Technology and Engineering Teacher at the Little Chute Career Pathways Academy feels “proud of the fact that our students have a place to shine with SkillsUSA… Students that are at the top in CTE never had a chance to show how good they are in manufacturing before we implemented SkillsUSA.”

Larson emphasizes that, “adding SkillsUSA has changed what students think about manufacturing careers. SkillsUSA connects to business and industry. It takes all of the things and make them real for the students. We try to personalize the projects for the students.” Ultimately, these classroom experiences in manufacturing and connections with local industry help prepare these students for life beyond high school - college and career ready.

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