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Mental Health Video

Friday, January 13, 2017

In a new DPI video, students, educators, and mental health professionals in Hortonville share inspiring testimony on the impact schools and partners can make by supporting student mental health.

Why Support Mental Health in Schools? is a four-minute video that features interviews with a student, a teacher, a principal, Hortonville’s superintendent and school board president, and three mental health professionals who have partnered with the school in a comprehensive, three-tiered program.

State Superintendent Tony Evers' budget request includes funding provisions to help Wisconsin schools put a focus on mental health. Hortonville’s approach is an example of what that can lead to.

A small community much like many in Wisconsin, Hortonville's experiences and extensive collaboration around this issue are inspiring.

The video is available, along with a link to State Superintendent Tony Evers' related budget proposals, at