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Monday, January 1, 2018

We’ve worked hard this past year to highlight great stories happening around Wisconsin. Be sure to check out a few of our most popular videos from 2017. We look forward to highlighting your positive stories in 2018!

How Did Our Schools Come to Be?

screen shot of history videoEver wonder how our public schools came to be and why our K-12 system looks this way? DPI worked hard to provide an informative overview of why our system is such an integral part of our state fabric. Watch this video to see the impact of public schools and what you can do to help.

Teacher Leadership

picture of teachers talking around a tableDo the teachers in your life feel empowered to lead? In Wisconsin, we believe that empowering teachers to lead creates a culture that is focused on students. Interested in helping a teacher you know feel empowered to use their leadership skills? Check out the video and be sure to visit the DPI Every Teacher a Leader webpage to access this year’s summit application.

Why Support Mental Health in Schools?

image of blonde girl smilingWhy is state support for mental health in schools so important? Check out Hortonville School District's experiences, as told by students, administrators, mental health practitioners, and teachers.

Play is the Way

image of children playing with blocksWhile it may get lost in translation, the Department is clear when we say that young children learn best through play. Watch how experts in the field explain why play is the most powerful setup for learning in young children.

Supporting Students Experiencing Homelessness

image of three cartoon characters New federal legislation provides resources to help overcome barriers caused by homelessness that might prevent kids from graduating ready for college and career. District-level homeless liaisons help ensure that educators can identify the signs and get kids the proper assistance. Watch this video to learn more about resources available in our schools.

Vision for Wisconsin Schools

cartoon characters of teacher talking at podium and others listeningIn this video, Tony lays out his vision for Wisconsin schools and how we can get our kids college and career ready. Schools across the state must provide all kids the knowledge, skills, and habits for a successful life after school. See how Tony describes the DPI’s role in helping all kids graduate ready. 

How a School Garden Rocks School Meals

children looking at garden closelyGardens are an old idea, but they turn out to be powerful educational machines in a modern school. In this video, students and staff from Washburn School District in northern Wisconsin reveal their school garden's money-saving, academic, and nutritious benefits.

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