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New Licensing Supports Available

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Teacher Education, Professional Development, and Licensing team recently added detailed answers to common licensing questions to the DPI licensing web pages.

The three most commonly asked questions are related to:

  • Support with Web Access Management System (WAMS) account recovery
  • Revalidating life or lifetime licenses
  • Completing background checks

Each question is answered in specific sections with brief videos showing how to complete the necessary steps.

WAMS Account Recovery

WAMS is a user ID system managed by the State of Wisconsin. DPI uses WAMS IDs as the login for Educator Licensing Online (ELO). Before submitting an application to DPI, you must register for a Web Access Management Systems (WAMS) user ID to use as your login for ELO. The DPI licensing web pages provide explicit instructions on how to set up a WAMS user ID and directions for how to start a WAMS account recovery for those experiencing issues accessing their account.

Revalidating Life or Lifetime Licenses

Educators whose life or lifetime license was invalidated in July have until December 31 to revalidate their license. Upon approval of the Request Background Check - Lifetime License [5900] application, the lifetime license will be revalidated.

Background Checks

The DPI is required by law to conduct a background check on each applicant for a Wisconsin educator license whether it is an initial request or a renewal request. Educators with a lifetime license must submit a request to the department to have a new background check conducted once every five years. The licensing web page provides information on how to complete a background check and how to search by your name or entity number to find out when you last submitted a background check.

For more information, including the answers to the most commonly asked licensing questions, visit the DPI Teacher Education, Professional Development, and Licensing web page.