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Old World Wisconsin Offers Field Trip Subsidies

Monday, February 18, 2019

Old World Wisconsin is one of 12 historic museums and sites operated by the Wisconsin Historical Society. Thanks to the generosity of donors, Old World Wisconsin will offer discounted field trip programming prices for schools with 50 percent or higher free and reduced-price meals eligibility.

The museum was created to preserve and share the more than 60 historic structures for visitors to learn about and explore Wisconsin’s immigrant past. From food preparation to historic breeds of animals and heirloom gardens, Old World Wisconsin provides hands-on activities for groups of students and educators as they explore authentic reconstructed historic buildings (Wisconsin Historical Society, n.d.).

Field trip experiences support groups of students to experience 2-3 stations throughout the museum. “Students move around in smaller groups because we have immersive learning experiences,” said Anna Altschwager, assistant director of guest experience at Old World Wisconsin. “All new programs are updated with a refreshed twist, like the village quest, which is team-based of about 8 kids as a role-play game. They explore and direct the experience. They watch time and use a map and have to solve a mystery in the village.”

All school programs have been redesigned to include essential questions and understanding across several disciplines with opportunities to extend the learning back in the classroom.

Students will inevitably experience at least one of the iconic elements of the museum on every tour. “The one-room schoolhouse is very popular. Several animal encounters are popular parts of the program too, like the working farm with heritage animals,” Altschwager said.

Teachers interested in exploring Old World Wisconsin before booking a field trip or in preparation for one can sign up for one free admission with a teacher explorer pass.

Old World Wisconsin will open for the season starting May 4. For more information, visit the Old World Wisconsin website.


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