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Pre-College Credentials for Language, Intercultural, and Global Competence Recognized

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The Department of Public Instruction Seal of Biliteracy and Certificate of Global Competence recognize students for in-demand workforce and world-readiness skills focused on intercultural communication and engagement. These talent markers are now included in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) State-Certified Skills Credentials web application, allowing schools to track student progress toward these critical academic and career credentials.

The inclusion of these programs in the CTE State-Certified Skills Credentials site brings the state one step closer to meeting Wisconsin Language Roadmap Goal 2.4 to “expand access to academic credentials that recognize language, intercultural and global competencies.” Many CTE employability skills frameworks include communication and cultural and global awareness. The 2019 Wisconsin Standards for World Languages and growth in multilingual education programs in our state provide pathways to the development of these skills. As the DPI’s World Languages and Global Education Consultant, Pam Delfosse states, “students benefit when we include language, intercultural, and global competence within these school-to-work programs, and also when we make career connections a component of world language curricula” (2020, 33).

The credentials are now active in WISE applications and require district security administrators to authorize local Seal of Biliteracy and Global Scholars Program coordinators to access the site. Data from this site will support districts and the state in efforts to improve equity in access to the benefits of bilingualism and global competence.

The Wisconsin Seal of Biliteracy and Global Scholars Programs are responsive to the linguistic and cultural diversity of learners and our local and global communities. Apply to bring these signature programs to your district today!

To learn more about implementing these programs in your district contact: Melissa Vásquez - Seal of Biliteracy ( ) or Pam Delfosse - Global Scholars Program (


Delfosse, Pamela. 2020. “Workforce- and World-Ready with World Languages.” The Language Educator 15, no. 3 (Summer): 32-25.