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Raising Caring Kids

Friday, October 19, 2018

The University of Wisconsin-Extension, in partnership with the Department of Public Instruction, recently launched a free social and emotional learning (SEL) resource for families called Raising Caring Kids. The purpose of the website is to provide parents and caregivers tools to teach and support SEL skills at home for children in grades 1-5.

This resource equips parents and caregivers with activities, books, and animations to use with children to develop and foster social and emotional learning skills at home. Raising Caring Kids establishes a great way to authentically invite families to partner with schools in implementing social and emotional learning.

Administrators, counselors, and other school professionals can sign up to receive a document outlining 18 weeks of emails to share with elementary school parents and families through the Raising Caring Kids website. The emails can be shared through your school or organization weekly, providing four months of SEL materials with your families.

For more information, including how to sign up for the emails, visit the Raising Caring Kids website.