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Schools Throughout Wisconsin Recognized for Their Systems of Supports

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

The Wisconsin RtI Center is proud to announce the 2020-21 Wisconsin RtI Center Recognized Schools program recipients. Congratulations to all stakeholders for their hard work, dedication, and commitment toward achieving and sustaining this outstanding accomplishment. Over 800 schools are being recognized this year.

By establishing equitable, multi-level systems of supports, Wisconsin schools

  • increase the consistency of effective instruction,

  • build staff knowledge and skills to support all learners,

  • use data to more quickly identify and provide support, and

  • shift to a proactive culture that supports more robust relationships with students, families, and communities.

The center’s Recognized Schools program encourages schools and districts during the construction of their systems and helps them celebrate progress toward full implementation. As schools continue the work, they will map out how to sustain their systems and continue to build increasing levels of student supports in additional subject areas until the system is entirely in place.

Congratulations to the staff, communities, and students. Creating a system that meets the needs of ALL students is rewarding work that takes the determination of many.

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