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Standards Review for Nutrition Education; Essential Elements in ELA; Mathematics

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction announces a notice of intent to review and public commenting period for the following sets of standards beginning today:

  • Essential Elements for English Language | Survey

  • Essential Elements Mathematics | Survey

  • Nutrition Education | Survey

Surveys will be open for thirty days, from July 13 through August 12.

The State Superintendent’s Standards Review Council will analyze information from the public input surveys to recommend whether or not to revise or develop standards in the academic areas listed. After considering the council’s input, the State Superintendent authorizes whether to pursue a revision or development process.

If the Review Council recommends the change and the State Superintendent approves, statewide writing committees will be formed. The writing committees will work to revise or develop the current standards.

To learn more about the transparent and comprehensive process for reviewing academic standards, please refer to the DPI Academic Standards web page.

Academic standards serve as a model to what students should know and be able to do in the classroom. Locally elected school boards adopt academic standards in each subject area to best serve their communities.