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State-Level Support for Students from Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Speaking multiple languages has benefits in today’s increasingly globalized world. To support Wisconsin kids immersed in a multilingual environment, State Superintendent Tony Evers formed an Advisory Council to Support Linguistically Diverse Students.

Members of the new advisory council — representing schools, community organizations, and business and civic leaders — will share their knowledge and expertise to help Wisconsin expand opportunities for linguistically diverse students. These students may be immigrants, migrants, refugees, or come from a multilingual background.

The council will examine policies and practices related to English learner, bilingual, and dual language education, which include childhood initiatives, family engagement, funding, licensing, standards, and assessment. The council is focused on:

  • increasing opportunities for linguistically diverse students
  • recognizing the assets linguistically diverse students bring to Wisconsin schools and communities, and
  • challenging educators and policymakers to expand language development opportunities for all students.

“The richness of our state and nation comes from our differences. This diversity of heritage, background, and language makes us stronger,” Evers said. “Our schools must be safe places where learning languages and being exposed to other cultures are important school lessons. It makes sense to strengthen our support for dual language learning for all students and especially for kids who come to our schools learning English.”

For more information on the advisory council and bilingual education in Wisconsin review the DPI news release.