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State Superintendent Adopts Wisconsin Standards for Mathematics

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor recently adopted the new Wisconsin Standards for Mathematics. The new academic standards were developed by Wisconsin educators and experts using the transparent process based on educator and public feedback.

The updated Wisconsin Standards for Mathematics incorporate two new shifts:

  1. Learning mathematics emphasizes recognizing, valuing, and fostering mathematical identities and agency in all students; and

  2. All students are flexible users of math who see how the subject can be used to understand their world and the world around them.

The other three shifts from prior standards remain, with adjustments to center students, emphasizing focus, coherence, and rigor. In order to create strong foundations that move learning forward, all students will engage in focused mathematics connecting concepts and mathematical thinking in coherent progressions within and across grades. A balanced approach is used to help students understand concepts, and flexibly and efficiently use math in authentic contexts.

Standards are organized by grades in kindergarten through grade 8. In high school, the standards are organized by common outcomes in the first two years of high school (denoted as (F2Y)), preparing students for a variety of options designed by schools for third and/or fourth-year mathematics classes.

The K-12 Standards for Mathematical Practice remain alongside the new Wisconsin Standards for Mathematics. The mathematical practice standards describe the behaviors and habits of mathematically proficient students.

Chairs and Co-Chairs of the writing committee for the Wisconsin Standards for Mathematics

Chairs of writing committee:

  • Erick Hofacker, Professor of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin - River Falls
  • Lori Williams, K-12 Math Specialist, Manitowoc Public School District

Co-chairs of writing committee:

  • Michelle Butturini, Mathematics Teacher, Reedsville School District
  • Kenneth Davis, Teacher/Co-Chair of Mathematics Department, School District of Beloit
  • Jenni McCool, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
  • Cynthia Cuellar Rodriguez, Mathematics Teaching Specialist, Milwaukee Public Schools

In Wisconsin, all state standards serve as a model. Locally elected school boards adopt academic standards in each subject area to best serve their local community.