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Teaching with Games

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What can we learn with games in the classroom?

At their core, games are about learning systems or skills and applying them to presented challenges. Games-based classroom instruction approaches learning by introducing new concepts, skills, and problems to students. Using games to teach helps engage students by pushing their intellectual boundaries without the feeling of being overwhelmed. Rather than losing confidence or motivation when faced with a challenge, students learn from failure. Feedback is immediate, so students are able to see their learning progress towards set goals.

How can we teach with games?High School students sitting around computers

Teachers across Wisconsin are leveraging games in the classroom daily. Recently, Filament Games partnered with educators comfortable using a game-based approach to learn more about what teaching with games looks like in the classroom. The result was a compilation of their insights into a new ebook called How to Teach with Games, which highlights tips, stories, and resources - primarily from Wisconsin teachers - using game-based instruction to improve student engagement and learning.

The e-book spotlights two Sun Prairie teachers that were new to classroom games. They started using a standard-aligned game for their students. The goal of the game was to simulate events that were traditionally hard to experience or relate to - like eclipses - and apply abstract concepts to show their learning. Their students “asked more questions, researched more information, and collaborated” to get more points. For more information on the Sun Prairie teachers and other stories please visit the e-book and other great resources in WISELearn or Filament’s Blog.

Wisconsin Community for Educational Gaming

Wisconsin is cultivating a vibrant educational games community. To stay current with the games learning world DPI continues to build valuable relationships across the state, including UW Madison and Field Day.

One thing is for certain - the games community at large is on a mission to make learning fun for all Wisconsin kids.