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Wisconsin Center for Resilient Schools Coaching Network Available Now

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Wisconsin Center for Resilient Schools (WCRS) is a resource-rich hub for school teams and leaders seeking to initiate or sustain meaningful change efforts toward comprehensive school-based mental health and trauma-informed social and emotional learning. The team of experienced and energetic coaches will partner with schools and districts to provide coaching strategies to facilitate goals for transformational change.

Coaching services are augmented by a direct partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the Wisconsin Safe and Healthy Schools Center. These partnerships provide opportunities for schools to access consultation, research-based resources and tools, and connections to technical assistance for leadership and improvement teams. The WCRS stands ready to support your team and your mission, through coaching that centers equity for all students, as you engage your school community in small or large scale change.

Research gathered from the Wisconsin RTI Center, the Wisconsin PBIS Network, and the Wisconsin Department of Public instruction has established the importance of coaching and feedback in the successful implementation of new practices with sustainability.

Currently, alongside the training, guidance, and robust resources from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, school and district teams across the state have very few options to receive coaching in systemic implementation in the areas of trauma-sensitive social and emotional learning (SEL) and school-based mental health. The focus of the WCRS is coaching teams that have engaged in training and would like to effectively utilize these resources to implement change.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership. Coaching provides a relationship structure through which we can reflect, grow, and refine structures and practices and shape beliefs and culture toward the vision in your school or district for optimal student outcomes. It may take place during any stage of the implementation of new skills, strategies, processes, and structures. Coaching builds on the strengths inherent in your system to take it from good to great!

WCRS coaching can help your district or school teams to:

● Strengthen and align systems that support comprehensive school-based mental health and trauma-sensitive SEL in order to promote academic success for each student

● Engage with data, resources, and tools to create a sustainable plan to reach desired outcomes

● Develop strategies for stakeholder engagement

● Explicitly position and communicate about trauma-sensitive SEL as a lever for equity

How do schools and districts engage with WCRS?

● Coaching through the WCRS is free and available to public, private, and non-public charter schools and districts throughout the state of Wisconsin

● Complete the interest inquiry form and WCRS will contact you

● The WCRS will work with teams conveniently through virtual platforms

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