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Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System Testimonials, Overview

Monday, June 2, 2014

"I had a teacher just stop me in my office," Fall Creek Superintendent Joe Sanfellipo says, discussing his district's experience piloting the Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System. "I have never in my career," the teacher told him, "had these types of quality conversations about teaching with colleagues."

State Superintendent Tony Evers speaking from his desk

Sanfellipo's testimonial anecdote is part of a video overview of the system recently added to the WisconsinDPI YouTube channel.

The Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System is "intended to ... empower educators," as the U.S. Department of Education notes in a statement of praise featured in the overview. In contrast to many other states, Wisconsin is focusing on educator effectiveness as a way to give educators tools to acquire specific feedback, to help them grow professionally and ultimately benefit their students. The state has even implemented refinements based on pilot feedback so that the system will support that purpose even more.

Now, other states and even countries have begun seeking Wisconsin's advice on educator effectiveness matters.

The video overview also includes Charlotte Danielson, author of an educator practice rubric used in the DPI Model of Educator Effectiveness.

"Teaching is so hard that it's never perfect," Danielson explains. "Any well designed and well implemented system gives teachers, and their supervisors, and their mentors and coaches, the information they need to help structure conversations and then plans around how to strengthen their practice."

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