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Wisconsin Language Roadmap Initiative

Monday, June 4, 2018

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction supports the University of Wisconsin-Madison federally funded Language Roadmap Initiative and invites you to review and comment on draft recommendations. The Roadmap highlights improved, equitable, and sustained language and intercultural learning for Wisconsin students. Draft recommendations are open for public comment through June 15th, at

The Wisconsin Language Roadmap recommendations target three broad goal areas:

  • Leadership, collaboration, and advocacy for languages;
  • Continuous language education programs that prioritize access, equity and student success in developing advanced language skills and intercultural competencies; and
  • Language teacher talent.

Wisconsin can ensure that its future citizens are able to compete in interconnected global markets, engage with diverse local communities, and participate in professional and personal networks that bridge linguistic, cultural, and national boundaries. Wisconsin leaders from business, government, community, and education sectors have collaborated to draft recommendations for workforce and community development through education pathways, leading to advanced global and intercultural competencies and proficiency in one or more languages in addition to English.

Significant and sustained investment of public and private resources and cross-sector partnerships are critical for successfully implementing The Wisconsin Language Roadmap. All stakeholders are encouraged to plan for how to respond to Roadmap recommendations in their regional and local contexts.

Final recommendations, rationale, statements of support, and plans for community outreach will be published in early September. To learn more about this effort and to receive progress updates please visit

Subscriber Submission: Written by Pamela Delfosse and the UW-Madison Language Roadmap Team