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Wisconsin School Counselor of the Year has 'Profound Impact' Supporting Youth

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Marianne Matt, the school counselor for the Capital High School and the School Age Parent Program in the Madison Metropolitan School District, was named School Counselor of the Year during National School Counseling Week earlier this month.

According to a press release from the Wisconsin School Counselor Association, Matt has been a school counselor for nearly seven years supporting opportunity youth. Matt is a leader not only for her school and district, but also for the state of Wisconsin, serving as the WSCA Publications Director. Matt was awarded the Wisconsin School Counselor Program Accountability Report Program of Promise in 2020 for the impact her data driven program made to close achievement and opportunity gaps.

The cornerstone of her counseling program is relationships, followed by data. Matt works closely with Madison College to connect her students to opportunities that will prepare them for post high school success. Her efforts have helped boost the percentage of African American and multiracial students earning a C or better and receiving college credit, and college enrollment numbers overall.

For more information, visit the Wisconsin School Counselor Association website and the DPI Comprehensive School Counseling Programs web page.