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Wisconsin Valedictorians Share Hopeful, Positive Messages

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

In a new video, State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor congratulates the class of 2020 as they graduate during this unprecedented time. “The class of 2020 will always have a special place in our nation’s history,” she says.

Because the usual in-person graduation ceremonies have not been possible, the video also provides the opportunity for several of Wisconsin’s valedictorians to share their thoughts and well wishes as their classmates complete their high school careers.

“Although COVID-19 has taken away from us the day that we have dreamt of for nearly 12 years, it has taught us something more valuable: perseverance,” one valedictorian says.

“The class of 2020 adapts. We lead,” says another.

And one more states, “As we move forward, our class will be able to tackle the problems that face our generation because we are able to create change and progress due to our defined personalities.”

Congratulations to the class of 2020 and their families!