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WOW 2018-19

Friday, August 3, 2018

How do you create a true learning partnership between educators and students in your classroom, school, or district? How do you harness student voice, engagement, and efficacy, to empower every learner across identities such as race, income, ability, language, mental health, gender, sexual orientation, or immigration status, to achieve at higher levels?

The WOW professional development series, sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, was created to deepen understanding and develop continual improvement strategies around Educator Effectiveness. School-based teams of 4–12 educators are invited to join us for four full days of high-impact professional learning featuring nationally recognized experts. The days are spread out across the school year and held at your local CESA.

WOW offers educator teams guidance and support as they dig in to “work on the work,” analyze relevant data, and develop new strategies to meet the needs of all learners. WOW professional development 1) is tailored to meet your local needs; 2) maximizes Educator Effectiveness as a process of continuous improvement; and 3) integrates with your ongoing school/district improvement strategies. All events are held at your local CESA, and REGISTRATION IS FREE!

This year’s schedule:

Gloria Ladson-Billings

AUG 15 or 16, 2018 Gloria Ladson-Billings

Using culturally-relevant pedagogy to reframe gaps, engage, and empower every student for improved learning.

Suzy Pepper Rollins

OCT 17 or 18, 2018 Suzy Pepper Rollins

Building instructional practices that create energized, autonomous, and focused learners.

Shelley Moore

JAN 30 or 31, 2019 Shelley Moore

Identifying best practices for equitably providing supports and meeting the needs of every student.


APR 3 & 4, 2019 Reflect/Plan/


Putting it into practice: CESA- facilitated teamwork for reflection, problem-solving, and action planning around team goals.


Contact your local CESA for registration information.

“This series has been refreshing, motivating, and eye-opening.” —Classroom Teacher, CESA 4

We are working on change in our district! ” —Classroom Teacher, CESA 4

“WOW has opened my horizons and provided excellent resources for me to share with my faculty.” —Administrator, CESA 8


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