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Stanford Taylor releases statement on Gov. Evers 2021-2023 Budget Proposal

Wednesday, February 17, 2021


DPI Media Line, (608) 266-3559
MADISON — State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor issued a statement today on Gov. Tony Evers’ 2021-2023 Biennial Budget education recommendations.
“Thank you to Gov. Evers for his ongoing commitment to education and prioritizing students and their needs. I am grateful for the additional resources for Special Education. It is imperative the state invests in the Special Education Aid to provide the legally required supports for students with different abilities, to free up dollars for all students, and help sustain quality instruction.
“I also appreciate the support for the DPI’s request of additional mental and behavioral health funding. Studies show a rise in mental health issues. COVID-19, isolation from family and friends, and other daily stressors have contributed to this increased need. We must ensure our educators have the extra supports to provide for students who may be struggling.
“In addition, we appreciate the governor’s support of out-of-school time programs, which provide academic supports beyond the school day; workforce development, including removing the GED fee barrier; funding for driver’s education programs to prepare students with the tools necessary to be successful and competitive in the workplace and support to maintain our public library systems, the cornerstone of our communities.
“Our children are our future leaders of tomorrow. The supports we provide today to build a high-quality educational foundation will ensure Wisconsin students graduate, college and career ready.”

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