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Claim Submission Deadlines


To be entitled to reimbursement, a claim preparer for each agency must submit a monthly claim for reimbursement that provides data in sufficient detail to justify the reimbursement claimed. An authorized agent or district official of the agency must certify and submit the claim.

60 Calendar Day Cut-off Deadlines for Submitting Reimbursement Claims

Federal regulations impose a claim submission deadline of 60 calendar days after the last day of the month for which the claim applies. The following chart gives the deadline date for each monthly claim period.

Claiming Month

Last Day for Online Submission

January April 1 (March 31 on leap years)
February April 29
March May 30
April June 29
May July 30
June August 29
July September 29
August October 30
September November 29
October December 30
November January 29
December March 1 (February 29 on leap years)

DPI Claims Processing

Only one claim or adjustment per program is accepted per payment processing period. DPI processes payments each Tuesday and payments are electronically deposited on the second Monday after the processing date. If a holiday falls on the processing or payment date, the processing or payment date will be the next business day. No claims are processed for payment during the last two weeks of June and the last two weeks of December or during a Federal government shutdown.

For information on adjusting claims or instructions on how to submit a late claims see the program specific webpages.

Paper Claims

An agency should only submit a paper claim when:
  • The SFA needs to modify an existing claim that has already been “paid” or “processed”.
  • The SFA is blocked from submitting online claims by DPI and needs to submit a claim to meet the 60 calendar day cut-off deadline.
To submit a paper claim, email the original or modified site-based claim excel template as an attachment to the attention of:
DPI Accounting
Federal and State Grants Program
Remember to submit a paper claim for each program, in which your SFA participates.

One-Time Exception for Late Claims

Any claim or upward adjustment received after 60 calendar days for the end of the claiming month is considered a late claim. A late claim cannot be paid with federal funds unless the DPI grants a one-time exception. Only one exception may be granted per program every 36 months. The Federal and State Grants Program of DPI must approve all exception corrective action plans

One-Time Exception Corrective Action Plan