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State Superintendent's Advisory Council on Charter Schools


The State Superintendent's Advisory Council on Charter Schools was established in 2005 to advise the state superintendent on matters related to charter school policies, programs, services, and state-wide strategies, including supporting the Wisconsin Charter Schools Program (WCSP). The focus of the WCSP is to improve educational outcomes for all students, especially those that are educationally disadvantaged.

Representation on the member advisory committee includes parents, teachers, school district administrators, school board members, charter school operators, university staff, charter school board governance representatives, and others interested in developing and supporting high-quality charter schools. Members of the council have one or more of the following qualifications: demonstrated experience in teaching, the development of charter schools, review of charter school petitions or proposals, working to advance educational equity, student advocacy, or operation of public schools. Council members are nominated by various Wisconsin educational associations and agencies. Nominees are invited to serve by the State Superintendent for one, two, or three-year initial terms with the option for another consecutive three-year term. The council meets annually at the WRCCS conference. 

To nominate yourself or someone else to the council, please submit a nomination form and send to

Council Membership 

For questions about this information, contact Michael McCabe (608) 264-9333