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Financial and Membership Audit Requirements

This page provides relevant information concerning financial and membership auditing to the independent (2r and 2x) charter schools and the independent CPA firms the schools engage to complete the audits.

Reporting Due Dates:

2020-21 Audited Membership Report - May 3, 2021
2019-20 Special Education No Valid License Worksheet (if applicable) - September 18, 2020
2019-20 Financial and Single Audit Reporting Package - December 1, 2020

Membership (Pupil Count) Audit Programs and Information:

2020-21 Membership Audit Program

2019-20 Membership Audit Program

Financial Statement Audit Programs and Information:

2019-20 Letter to Independent Charter Auditors Regarding Financial and Single Audits 

State Categorical Aid Audit Programs (State Special Education and State Transportation) 

Wisconsin State Single Audit Guidelines (Main Document and DPI Appendix)

DPI Aids Register (DPI Payment Confirmations)

OMB Federal Single Audit Compliance Supplement

Federal Audit Clearing House Including Form SF-SAC Data Collection Form

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

Government Auditing Standards, 2011 Yellow Book

Governmental Accounting Standards Board


Contact: For questions about the contents of this page contact: Kendra Neuman, CPA, School Finance Auditor, 608-266-2819