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Customer Service Standards

What Are Our Services?


We provide forms and information on the home-based private education program, provide technical assistance on private schools, administer and provide technical assistance to the open enrollment, private school (Milwaukee, Racine, and statewide) parental choice, Special Needs Scholarship, and charter school programs. We ensure that all statutory requirements regarding these programs are met.  

Who Are Our Customers?


Our customers are: public and private schools, families, intermediate and community-based educational organizations, public libraries, students, day care centers, the press, internal and external government colleagues, the legislature, and educational agencies in other states.

What Are Our Standards?


1. We will provide accurate, up-to-date, and reliable information and service.

2. We will actively listen and be responsive to customer concerns and needs regarding our services.

3. If an inquiry needs to be addressed by another team in our agency, we will provide an accurate referral, remaining on the line with the customer until we are certain they have reached the appropriate individual/voice mail.

4. We will maintain a website which will contain current information on all team programs.

5. If you contact us in writing (mail):

  • we will endeavor to mail a response within 10 working days of the team's receipt of your correspondence; and
  • we will contact you within those 10 working days to tell you when to expect our response if additional time is needed to research what was asked of us.

6. If you contact us via email or our website:

  • we will reply to your request for information within 10 working days; and
  • we will provide a single address for connection to all team resources on the internet.

7. If you contact us by phone:

  • we will provide a toll-free telephone number (888-245-2732);
  • we will answer the call promptly and courteously;
  • we will endeavor to answer questions immediately, and will respond within two business days of receiving your call; and
  • all staff have voicemail, so no call will go unanswered during regular business hours.

For additional information contact Chanell Crawford, Director, Parental Education Options Team.