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School District Names and Types

District Names

Naming standards for public school districts are found in Chapter 115, Wisconsin statutes, as follows:

115.01(5)(a)1. Each school district shall be known by the designation "School District of" followed by the name of the municipalities in which any high schools operated by the district lie.
115.01(5)(a)2. A school district which does not operate a high school shall be known by number and by the name of the municipalities in which it lies.
115.01(5)(b) A school board may by resolution designate a different name for the school district if the revised name contains the words "school district".

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District Types

Classifications of public school districts are identified in Chapter 115, Wisconsin statutes, as follows:

115.01(3) School districts. The school district is the territorial unit for school administration. School districts are classified as common, union high, unified and 1st class city school districts. A joint school district is one the territory of which is not wholly in one municipality.

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