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OAS Access Trainings and Quiz

What is a designee?
A designee is an employee of the school who has been authorized by the Choice administrator to review and process student applications. 
Designees with an OAS password may verify and submit completed student applications in OAS and request changes to applications already entered into the system. Designees with an OAS password may also assist in the completion of other reports in OAS required as part of the choice program, such as pupil count reports and continuing eligibility reports; however, they may not submit these reports.
What training is required?
Choice administrators and designees must complete the OAS Access Trainings and Quiz.

Choice administrators of private schools first participating in the Choice program, new Choice administrators of schools currently in the Choice program, and new designees are required to read the Online OAS Access Trainings (listed below), available at Choice programs - On Demand Training, and successfully complete the quiz (link below). 

  • Required OAS Access trainings:
    • Training 7-1: OAS Overview 
    • Training 8-1: Application Process Overview
    • Training 8-2: Residency Requirements
    • Training 8-3: Income Requirements 
    • Training 8-4: Application Verification & Submission Process
    • Training 9-1: Payment Process, Pupil Count Report & Audit Overview
    • Training 9-2: Preliminary Enrollment Report
    • Training 9-3: 3rd Friday in September & 2nd Friday in January Count Reports
    • Training 10-1: Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) Application Process
  • The document Online Application System Access Quiz Questions PDF for printing is a PDF version of the quiz questions.  It may be printed and questions answered while reading the training and then the answers may be entered in the electronic quiz form. 

Note:  The above trainings are part of a series of Choice program trainings available at Choice programs - On Demand Training. While the entire series of trainings is not required for Choice administrators and/or designees to gain access to OAS, schools are welcome to review all of the trainings.

How will Designees receive OAS username and passwords?
Upon receipt of the Designee Authorization and Update form, located on the School Submitted Reports and Forms webpage, indicating the training(s) and quiz(es) have been completed, OAS usernames and passwords will be emailed to the designees via kiteworks secure email. Passwords will not be provided over the phone.

If you have any questions, please e-mail
or call toll free 1-888-245-2732 ext. 3.