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Public School District Reorganization

Public school reorganization is defined as "the consolidation of two or more school districts, the dissolution of a school district, the detachment of territory from one school district and its attachment to an adjoining school district or the creation of a school district." (Wis. stats. 117.03(5))

Laws related to school district reorganization are found in Chapter 17 of the Wisconsin Statutes.


Evaluation Criteria for School District Reorganization (Wis. Stats. 117.15)

Sample Petitions and Templates

Glossary of School Reorganization Terms

Q&A on Creating a School District

Reorganization Overview - PowerPoint

Reorganization Orders


School District Boundary Appeal Board (SDBAB)

School District Names and Types

School Board Operations

School District Consolidation Feasibility Study Grants - The application period is closed. For information about grants and completed studies go to

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