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School District Reorganization - History and Orders

District Name Changes since 1995

This document lists name changes related to consolidations or other reorganizations that affected entire school districts.

School District Reorganizations since 1964

This document lists reorganizations that affected entire school districts.

Consolidation Orders (s.117.08, Wisconsin statutes)

Creation Orders (s.117.105, Wisconsin statutes)

Dissolution Orders (s.117.10, Wisconsin statutes)

Reorganization Orders Since 1990 - Master File (pdf)

This document lists all reorganization orders issued under chapter 117, Wisconsin statutes. Orders related to the detachment and attachment of a small territory initiated by electors under s.117.12, Wis. stats. or school boards under s.117.13, Wis. Stats., detachment and attachment of a large territory under s.117.11 Wis. Stats., annexation under s.117.132, Wis. Stats., or dispute resolution under, s.117.38, Wis. Stats, are not linked on this page and can be obtained from the DPI contact person identified below. The location of the property affected by any reorganization can only be definitively determined by reviewing the actual order.

For questions about this information, contact Janice Zmrazek (608) 266-2803