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Whole Grade Sharing

 Whole Grade Sharing (WGS) authorizes school boards of two or more school districts to enter into a agreement to provide for the education of students, in one or more grades from pre-kindergarten through grade 12,  by one or the other of the districts.  An agreement shall be for no less than a full school year.

WGS is authorized by s.118.50, Wisconsin statutes - see

Summary of Whole Grade Sharing Program


A WGS agreement must be signed by February 15 to be effective for the following school year. The steps in the process and deadlines are generally as follows:

  • School Board Resolution  - The school boards must adopt resolutions stating their intention to enter into, extend, or renew a WGS agreement at least 60 days prior signing an agreement.
  • Publication of Notice  - The school board must publish notice of the adoption of the resolution within 10 days of adoption of the resolution.
  • Citizen Petition -  District residents may file a petition requesting a feasibility study within 30 days of publication of the notice.
  • Public Hearing  - The school board must hold a public hearing  at least 30 days prior to entering into, extending or renewing a WGS agreement.
  • Sign WGS Agreement - Sign agreement to begin, extend or renew a WGS arrangement by February 15 for the next school year
  • Copy to DPI  - Provide a certified copy of the WGS agreement to DPI within 10 days of completing an agreemen


Application for Providers

List of Providers



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