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Personalized Learning


Why personalized learning?

Personalized learning is changing the way students learn and teachers teach with the student agency as the primary driver of learning. In personalized learning classrooms, students are engaged learners who actively co-create their learning with their teachers, assume more ownership of their learning, and see the value and relevance of their learning to their life. Students and teachers work collaboratively in understanding who the learner is, how they best learn, the knowledge and skills the student will learn, and how the learner will demonstrate the content they have learned.

Technology has allowed teachers the ability to personalize learning at a broader scale. Teachers are able to co-create learning environments with students based on the students’ needs and interests. In addition, digital tools assist the teacher in communicating with students on a personal level and can act as a feedback loop informing the teacher and student on how the student is learning. Technology helps promote and increase access to anytime, anywhere learning.